10 Reasons your website is not working

Getting a website ready is a MUST for your business. Even though social media does great work, you need to have content you own on the web.
We make sure every page is working. The buttons are clickable. And then we get ready to tell the public ‘Visit my website!’

You have launched your website, and are sitting down ready to look at the analytics to see how much it has improved.

However; nothing changes from before. You are still getting a small amount of traffic, people are dropping-off your website. You have spent money and time in this redesign, so where did it all go?

This is due to the following 10 reasons that your website is not working. Every day, hospitality service providers, digital entrepreneurs, and small businesses are making these mistakes on their websites. It is as if we are missing the bigger picture, and did not get the problemed solved.

In this guide, I will show you 10 elements that are hurting your website and once fixed, you should see fast growth in your business and overall web presence.

Website Mistake #1: You are using themes and templates built for the masses, not for your business

Some website templates are beautiful! You see them, and you will imagine one of these website templates being your website. With your logo, your photos and your content.

But these templates and themes are built for the masses, and not to help you solve your specific business problems. So your business website is no longer unique and it doesn’t aim to solve or talk to a specific audience.

Get started by designing your own website – have pages that work for your customers, that guide them and create powerful connections with them. It may take a while to get it right, as you will have to build wireframes, designs and then develop it as a website. But when you do get it right, your website becomes unique, flawless, seamless and works towards helping your business attract the right customer.

Website Mistake #2: You are not constantly using the right analytics tool to improve your website

How do you know if what you built is working? Can Google Analytics help you to figure this out? Yes and no.

You have spent hours working on your site and even tested it out and made sure everything is working and is clickable. Now, it is time to figure out if the elements you have chosen, the layouts and other parts of your website are really working.

Using tools like heatmaps and video trackings of website visitors will give you a clear idea of what is working and what can be replaced or placed elsewhere. Remember, your business website needs to showcase your business, but most importantly it needs to be able to be used by your customers in the most seamless way. Almost, as if they won’t realize you are getting them closer to buying from you.

Website Mistake # 3: Your website is all about you

The fact that someone visited your website or moved forward to interacting with your brand means they have started to create a relationship with your brand, one in which they need something solved. This can be an amazing vacation, outdoor adventure, a website or digital marketing strategy, even booking party rentals for their birthdays.

The problem is that your website may be all about you, but not about them.

Does your website talk about your business from the start? The services you provide, the awards you have received, the story of your business?

The reality is that when someone is looking to buy a product or service, they are in need of finding information about them, similarities of what they are experiencing. Only once they have found out about this, they will start to build interest in your business. And once again, this interest will be based on how it is that what you do, will help THEM solve a problem.

Website Mistake #4: Your website lacks a voice and empathy

Why would your customers choose your resort, your adventure company or your agency to build a website instead of a competitor? We all believe our products and services are better than the rest, hence, they should choose us. But the reality is that it takes a lot more than that.

You need to be able to connect with your audience, using the voice they are attracted to and building emotional connections that will drive them your way. You see, everything that we do, every decision we make is made with our emotions. We are emotional creatures, whom if spoken to properly will buy everything we can, without thinking about the consequences.

Unfortunately, most websites do not have a voice or use empathy to create a brand connection. As my point above, with regards to website themes, your voice is what makes you unique. No one sounds like you, and you do not sound like anyone else.

If you are a digital marketing agency that offers website design services, you have to talk about the feelings your clients have gone through by having a bad website. How this made them feel?

If you are a tourism, adventure company, you have to explore the pain of spending savings to have a great vacation, for it to end up going not-as-planned.
Get specific with your audience, because this is how they pay attention to your brand and will be willing to take the next step.

Website Mistake #5: There is no guidance on what to do next

The most common reason websites do not work, is because the users do not know what to do next.

What happens when people view your home page? Do they know where to go next? What are the steps they need to take to get a problem solved? Is there a flow from page-to-page that makes sense?

Your website needs to grab the user by the hand and walk them through each step they have to complete to take action.

Your design team has to make this obvious on the website because most users are just scanning through your website. Hence, what is obvious, will grab their attention.

The best way to do this is through CTAs (CALL TO ACTIONS). These are buttons placed strategically on your website with the goal of helping a customer move forward to their next step.

If you are a resort, you need to have a Book Now call to action and at the end of every page a Call-to-action that will move the user to the next step. So for example, from your home page, they can move forward to the rooms, then to the benefits of booking directly and finally to booking now.

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, have a CTA that says ‘Free Assessment’ or ‘CALL US’.

It needs to be bold and pop-out!

Website Mistake # 6: No one knows what you really do

Most people think that since it is a website, it definitely tells people what it is that you do, who you do it for and how to purchase.

But most websites actually are lacking clarity in their messages. Instead, they are using complex words and sentences that create disconnections between your brand and users.

You have to be clear and specific, then try to be even more clear with your message.

Even though it is easier said than done, you need to think about it this way. If someone visits your website, will he/she be able to find out what you do in less than 5 seconds?


The average interaction with websites is just about 3 seconds. If in this 3 seconds your user has been confused, he or she will most likely move to another website.

If you own a digital marketing agency, saying that you do ‘Quality website design’ might look simple, but what does quality website design mean to you? Instead, saying that you help businesses to create an online experience for their business, will make your message clearer on what you do.

If you are a travel page that provides outdoor adventures, saying that ‘You provide fantastic travel experiences’ is simple, but has no meaning. Instead, say something like ‘Become an explorer with our hiking services’, will give a clearer message to your audience.

Website Mistake #7: Your images are not connecting

Images can tell you a thousand words, create feelings and build that connection you are looking for between your product and your customers.

This means that the images on your website are extremely important to create your story and message. Using the wrong images on your website will break the bridge that your website is supposed to create.

I have visited many digital marketing agencies, to find photos of a bridge in New York or the beautiful landscape of a city. Even though these photos can be beautiful and eye-catching, they have no connection with what you are providing.

A better choice will be your team designing a project, or doing a strategy session.

Even if they are stock images, you need to make sure they further enhance your story and narrative.

Website Mistake #8: No Social Proof

How can I trust you?

Social proof in the form of testimonials and analytics shows that not only do you know what you are doing and have the experience, but that someone who had the same problem I did, can trust you.

Therefore, I think I can trust you as well.

Having testimonials throughout your website can help you achieve a lot. Once you have placed them carefully, you will see people are more willing to work with you and to experience the same feeling of success and happiness someone else did when they used your services.

If you are a hotel, resort or hospitality service provider, place curated testimonials to back up your headlines and on steps that will move a customer closer to booking.

If you are an agency, have testimonials on your home page, case studies and even a tab with what your customers are saying. You want to build a sense of trustworthiness between your brand and customers.

Website Mistake # 9: You have not shown how you previously fixed a similar problem

You want to showcase your results in a way that is educative to someone looking to solve a similar problem.

If you are a hotel, resort or hospitality service provider the best way for you to do this is through photos. Building this type of content will showcase your services from a customer’s point of view. And if you add testimonials to this, you have created the best connection between content and images.

If you are an agency, you need to have clear case studies that show your results and the problem you solved.

Website Mistake # 10: You are losing them after they leave your website

Have you ever wonder what happened after your website’s visitor close your website?

This is not just a website design mistake, but also a problem with Digital Marketing. Your website is supposed to generate leads for you. Hence, it needs to have something that will help you generate those emails.

This is an example of it. You have provided us with your email to be able to see this PDF.

You need to make sure you are providing enough value in return for their contact information. So spend time getting this lead generator as strong as possible.

In the past, for resorts, we have created travel guides, interactive maps and tempting offers that are only available once they have provided us with their emails.

For agencies, you can do something similar to what this guide is. Actually, follow the same structure and you will see results.

If you are a business owner, create sections on your website where you are providing coupons or other forms of marketing that your users can download in return for their email.

Just make it meaningful!

So we have given you 10 strong points that will make your website grow! Take 30 to 45 minutes to give your website a review and see if any of these mistakes are found on your website.

They are very common, but they are easy fixes that will be cost friendly as you will not have to redesign your website.

Make these changes and see the results.

Do you think your website should be converting better than it is?

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Written by: Leopoldo Pirela

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