5 certificates every marketing person should have in 2020

The entire marketing world is changing so fast.

There are new direct ways for our customers to get in touch with us, but that also means they have access to all of our competitors.

So how can you, and your marketing team keep up?

You need to take advantage of certificates, blogs, and courses people are offering online.

I began my career as a web developer, mainly coding for long hours the designs my clients at the moment thought were great.

After a few years, I learned how to design pages in a way they generate new leads and get people to buy. With this and my web development skill, I was ready to take over the world.

And I did, for a bit at least.

Then, I realized it doesn’t matter how great these pages are, if no one is finding out about them, no one will buy.

And this is where digital marketing took a spin in my world.

Quickly enough, Youtube became my best friend. Learning how to do SEO online and create Facebook pages was simple at first.

Quickly enough, all these platforms and methods became more complex, and getting the same results were not as easy anymore.

Around this time, I got introduced to online learning and amazing businesses that were offering the certificates I needed.

Up to this date, I find myself doing certificates every month. I push my team to do the same, as we always want to be up-to-date, but I also want them to increase the value they bring to me and their potential growth.

Fast forward 7 years, and hundreds of certificates, we found the ones that brought the best results to our business.

Marketing Certificate #1: Content Marketing or Content Development Certificate

“If you confuse, you lose” – Donald Miller
That quote is so on point.

Have you ever been told a story that does not benefit you in any way, and all you can think about is random thoughts?

This is what happens to your customers when your content is connecting with them. And on today’s digital marketing world, you only have 3 seconds to make your customers understand you.

There are tons of these certificates, the one I will recommend the most is the Story Brand certificate by Donald Miller. And if you are not ready to invest, buy everyone on your team his book. It will change the way you write for your website and social media marketing.

If you visit our home page, you can see how this framework translates into a website.

Marketing Certificate #2: Business Models Certificates and training

The right marketing team will open doors of opportunities for your business. But for them to be able to open these doors, they need to understand business models and value proposition more in-depth.

There is a company named Strategyzer, one of the trainings they provide is the business model canvas design. By using this tool, we have been able to carefully craft and improve Pirela Consultancy each year.

business model canvas

When we combined our marketing analytics with our canvas, we were able to find opportunities for growth and to better connect with our clients. Furthermore, by implementing this alongside the Story brand framework, we were able to tell our customers what we do, without losing them.

You can check out their website, but you can also give your team the books they have available right now to help you get started.

Marketing Certificate #3: Social Media and Paid Advertising Certificates

Everyone is on Social media, but it is so crowded.

This type of certificates will need to be updated often. You can also read the latest trends on each platform to find out what is new every month.

Social Media Marketing and Paid Marketing certificates will teach you how to get found by your clients. For me, what makes these certificates more special, is that they bring you behind the scene to their process.

And having the right process, mindset, and skills will always win.

For this, I will recommend Digital Marketer and Hubspot. At least, these are the two companies we use for our certifications here at Pirela Consultancy.

Digital Marketer

You will get lots of experience, and step-by-step processes to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Certificate #4: WordPress and Design certificates

In your marketing team, you want someone who can update your website and create landing pages for the campaigns.

Today, most websites run on WordPress. But if your business is using any other CMS, make sure your team knows how to use it.

For us, design is more important than the platform. Design is what makes people click, move forward, and buy your products. As a result, a designer in the team will be great to do a few A/B testing on the designs and create design work that gets the eyes of your customers.

I will recommend Udemy for Web Development courses, click funnels to help understand what a great landing page should look and work. Furthermore, Digital Marketer also has a few courses and crash courses on this topic.

Marketing Certificate #5: Email marketing

What will happen to your business if all social media platforms were to close down tomorrow?

In the last year, we have seen Facebook and Instagram go off for the day. Hence, we need to learn email marketing and create that list of clients we can target outside of social media.

The bigger your email list is, the lower your paid marketing budget will be.

Now, you can see where I am going with this.

Your marketing team needs to understand email marketing, and most importantly use it.

Many businesses have a list of people in their emailing software but never use it.

In comparing over 100 projects, we have learned that customers need at least 5 to 9 touchpoints to make a decision. And this is even for something as simple as buying shoes.

The best way to do this is with Email Marketing because you can automate some of it.

For this certificate, I will recommend Hubspot and Digital Marketer. Furthermore, you can look in Udimy for smaller courses and more specific to something you want to accomplish.

If you are in marketing, you know you can never stop learning. For us, certificates have an important role in our growth and on what we can provide our clients.

Every one at Pirela Consultancy is constantly improving their skills through certificates and we have always seen a positive ROI on this investment.

I hope this post gave you some idea on how to improve your team or find ways to grow your knowledge to find that dream job you always wanted. If you are a business owner who likes to get involved, you should also spend some time doing a few of these. It will help you to understand your team.

Have you done any certificates? Tell us which and where you got them from by commenting below.

Written by: Leopoldo Pirela

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