About Pirela Consultancy

We are a full stack design and business consultancy based on the beautiful island of Grenada. Our team is open, and collaborative,  and works towards using our expertise to help you create eye-catching and meaningful content for your brand or business.

For the last 7 years. we have built a dynamic toolkit that allows us to solve real business problems in the most powerful ways.  As a team, we love challenges and are always looking to learn and adapt ourselves to ensure your brand and business is always getting the highest value possible.

What makes us unique.

We have built a culture, where we do not just work for your business. Instead, with work with you to see and fix your business problems from a side-to-side angle. As a result, we do not prescribe a solution such a website or a new logo, we work towards diving deep into understanding the problem or the goal, and then we prescribe the best solution and steps to move forward.

We like relationships and straight-forward communications. Our multicultural team helps us to communicate with our customers from all around the world in their language and understand their customers’ cultures.

Lastly, we do not just want to give you a website or identity that makes you look like a cookie cutter business. We invest our time, knowledge and skills in your business to ensure that your business evokes interest and excitement when your customers seek and find you online.

Notable Features:
-Lead Speaker at St. George’s University for the Information Technology Entrepreneurship course (2015 and 2016)

-Lead Speaker at St. George’s University Information Technology Awards (2016)

A word from our founder, Leopoldo Pirela.

I began to work on design and digital marketing in my teens. As I got the opportunity to help build businesses and brands, I quickly realized that a website is just a part of the business structure and model. What is missing in the puzzle? The ongoing answer to that is: the strategy that aligns design to customers and to business goals.

Hence, I began to educate myself in business strategy, marketing tactics, sales strategies and worked towards creating a toolkit that allows me and my team to give your business and brand a competitive advantage in a busy world.

Today, I am the Founder and Designer here at Pirela Consultancy, where we serve our clients with branding, strategy, and website design services that help them create a difference. My passion for creating an impact on my client’s business had to lead me to build over 10 years of experience in design and consultancy.


Let's dive into a deep converstation about you and your business

Every result begins with a powerful conversation. We believe in not creating assumptions when finding a solution for you. Hence, we'd like to invite you to have a one on one, indepth conversation about your brand, your business goals, your business, the problems you are facing and where you want to move to. Fill in the form below to get started.

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We help you get a competitive advantage in a busy, but connected world.


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