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Using Divi to create your very own custom footer

It is important to keep your website’s elements and look consistent throughout every page and blog post.

By default, Divi gives us a nice footer that we cannot disable unless we dive into a little bit of CSS. In this tutorial, I will walk you step by step on how you can build your own custom footer, with very simple CSS and a bit of code for your footer.php file.

Here is all that you will need:

1. Have a domain name and Install WordPress
2. Have Divi installed
3. I would strongly recommend a Divi Child theme. You can make one in just a few minutes by clicking here
4. Understand Basic HTML and CSS
. Optimize your portfolio Images and content
5. Create your own footer Section
6. Give it a global identity

Download Links

Css and Codes: Click here to download (Required)


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