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Welcome to Pirela Consultancy. Our website design services in Grenada have allowed many local Grenadians businesses to create a seamless online experience for their clients. We work with forward-thinking clients, big or small, to create effective websites that help your business generate more income and grow its brand.

Why does your business need a website?

Imagine being able to separate your business income from the hours that it is opened to the public. Being able to sell your products and services, even after you and your team have head home to rest. This is what our website design services in Grenada allow you to do. We help you craft and build a website that is sales oriented, strategy driven and works towards generating new leads and closing sales.

We help you build a solid, customized strategy needs to be implemented before any design begins and this is what we offer on our Grenada Website Design Services.

If your website is not adjusting to technological changes, your products and customers then we need to rethink the strategy and build one that works towards helping your business grow.

Our website design and development experience allow your company to:

  • Clearly define goals, objectives, and deliverables that your business needs
  • Identify your main target audience and where they can be reached
  • Create a customer journey from the time they find out about you until they purchase your product
  • Have a design that allows your customers to the above point in a seamless way
  • Build a website that is strong and adaptable
  • Let’s you worry about the most important day-to-day tasks while you know your website is in good hands.

Your brand needs to tell a story, your website needs a delightful user experience.

Our web design services in Grenada work towards identifying our client’s unique value proposition, creating a goal driven strategy and translating it into words and visuals your customers can easily understand.

What is included in our Website Design services in Grenada.

 A discovery phase to find real problems

 Customer’s User Personas

Customer Journey maps

User experience Journey

User Experience Design

WireFrames / Website Design

Content and Website Architecture

Video and Imagery if needed

Web development (Webflow, WordPress)

SEO enhanced

Sales and Marketing funnel creation

Website growth strategy

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

Building the right website for your business should not be done in just a few weeks. All website design projects take a minimum of 3 months depending on the scope of the project.

What is the difference between website design and development?

When we talk about website design, it is the design itself. No codes at all, this gives us the ability to craft and enhance the design before it becomes live on the website. We have tools that help us test the design as if it was a fully developed website. When we talk about web development, it is all about the codes, HTML, javascript, css, json you name it.

What if I already have a website?

That is great! but before we dive into helping you generate more sales there a few things we will like to do. We will start with a discovery phase, where we will talk about your business, goals, and customers. This will give us a better idea of where you want to take your business to. From here, we will do a website audit, where we will look at the way your website performs, its ability to generate sales, content, its ability to rank on Google and be found and most importantly the user experience of your website.

What if I need a website to be done as quickly as possible?

This is not something we recommend, but if this is the case, we are fully certified in a web design and development methodology known as ‘Growth Driven Design‘. This website design methodology helps us to build a website that is ready for market but will be continued t be built even after it has been launched to the public. We will concentrate on the main goals and work that your website needs to ensure it is ready in 30 – 45  business days.

What about Wix, Weebly or Can I do it myself?

Today everyone can make a website, but you want to increase your income and create a seamless user experience that is constantly driving new clients and helping you close sales. For this, you will need the help of experienced designers and developers.

We do not work with Wix, Weebly or square space. They might seem like the best option, but we our goal is to help you find real business problems and align your business to the right audience. While using these tools may seem easier, they actually limit your growth and business solutions.

We recommend to build a customized CMS, use WordPress or Webflow. With these three options, you have the ability to grow and expand your website’s limits.


How much does a website cost in Grenada?

Giving you a ballpark price will hurt your and our business. The reason for this is that no website project is / should be the same. Your business needs to be authentic, hence your website design project needs to be customized to fit your needs. If you’d like you can hire us to have a discovery phase, where we will dive into understanding your business, problem, and users. This will give us an idea of what you really need and the ability to create a realistic budget for you.

If you would like to know how much you should keep aside, keep in mind the following budgets. A website design project can go from $4,000XCD to as high as $25,000+XCD. It is important for you to factor that once your website has been completed you will need to start SEO services to ensure your website ranks on Google, a Digital Marketing Campaign to start driving potential customers to the website and maintenance and growth of your website. All these services are provided by us on a Monthly Basis. Please contact us to find out the cost and more information on our Digital Marketing Services.

What do you need to get started building a website?

Your business is valuable, we do not want to take any risks. We start each project with a discovery phase to give us a full understanding of what is the problem we need to solve. From here we move into creating a strategy that matches your business models and helps to move it towards achieving its goals.  Once your strategy has been completed,  we can move forward to the design, we will need your teams input for the wireframes of your website as they are the ones who interact with your clients. Once this is finished all the content needs to be provided to us, or if your budget allows it, we can help you craft the content.

Who hosts my website and maintains it?

We do not host or sale URLS, but we do have two local partners that work with us to host and sale urls with ‘.GD’. All the ‘.com’ URLs can be provided by us once it available. For hosting purposes, we have a list of business partners that can provide you the hosting solutions you may need for your website. keep in mind that high traffic websites will need better hosting than those with lower traffic rates.

Once your website is completed and running, we provide a monthly maintenance fee of $350XCD that ensures your website is fully running, no code issues and no downtime. However, if an error occurs outside of this scope you will be billed separately.



Meet Leo…

Leopoldo E. Pirela, is an entrepreneur, full stack designer and experienced Digital Marketer that has worked with many businesses in the island of Grenada to help them achieve their goals and move their businesses forward. Some of his skills include:

Understanding and implementing user experience to websites and apps
Designing Websites that flow and engage with customers
Translating business goals into visual and online experiences
Helping customers to constantly develop new strategies that increase return on investment
Small and Medium size business coaching and consulting
Ranking websites on the first page of Google
 Creating Social Media marketing campaigns that convert potential customers into buyers and increase brand awareness


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Working with Leo and his team has been an absolute pleasure. They’ve built and managed my website, along with my social media and marketing strategies and tactics. They offer immediate advice and consultations, along with frequent and consistent feedback and reports on the website and social media accounts’ progress. They are currently in the process of building yet another website for me and I can’t wait to see what they have in store. Fantastic company that prides itself on its high level of professionalism and customer service. I would recommend without hesitation. Kristi Chang

Founder - Managing Director, Premium Quality Group of Companies

Working with Leo has been great we are a very dynamic marketing team and he helped us create an amazing website and has helped us with our web ranking and social media posts and ranking
Excellent all round we are setting up for phase 2 of the marketing and he is highly involved with this also.
He has great graphics and web design and he requires a lot of input from clients because he is not just using templates. He needs you to understand your business so he can then create the interpretation so it works on the web and design.

Could not recommend him highly enough. Mark Solomon

Managing Director, 473 Grenada Boutique Resort


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P: +1 (473) 538 2140