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Strategy is the first step in closing the bridge between your business and customers

Discovery Phase*

To be of value to you, we need to understand what you are trying solve and where you are planning on going. To understand your brand’s position, attributes and users we conduct a Discovery phase, that is a must on any project we are working on. We believe in this field, we are like medical doctors of branding, web and strategy, without a good diagnose, we will have no idea on where you really need help.

1. What your brand is and how your customers see your business
2. What niche your business is in and who else is trying to get market power
3. Your goals (Profit, growth and delegate)
4. Areas of weakness
5. How you carry out your brand’s mission and performance

A discovery phase or session(s) is a must before we start any project. It is billed separately and our team will not create a budget for any other projects until this phase has been completed.

Brand Strategy

We want to understand your business, the way it sounds and is seen by others. We work towards understanding your brand’s attributes, voice, messages, users, your X-factor. This gives us an understanding of what your visual should be, the colors your brand needs to use to help someone identify with it, the voice you need to use and the message that needs to be said to make your brand stand out.

Website Strategy

Building a website today is much more than downloading a theme. You need to understand the entire customer flow from the start to the end, to fully be able to create a website that generates unstoppable growth for your business. Our user experience strategist, will help you create customers web flows, that will be crafted in the form of a website to solve your customer’s problems each step of the way.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Everyone is online, but your business does not belong every where. We help you understand the digital marketing world and create a bridge between your customers and your business online. From search engine optimization to the creation of social media marketing campaigns that generate the revenues your business needs.



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