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We combine technology and human interaction, to create growth driven websites

Website Design that strives for growth

A business website can break or create new relationships. Our website design services take an approach that ensures your brand and your customers are meeting in the same line with the things you have in common.

Our website design process is more than editing templates to fit your business. We dive deep into understanding your customers, their behaviors, goals and objectives and find the best ways that your brand can help each customer segment to achieve their goals. Our website design process starts from the time someone may discover your business, all the way until they become a happy client, or the best marketing person you will ever have.

Website Sitemaps & Architecture

We want you to think of your website as physical environment that requires proper building in order to stand up. We build site maps that gives us a good idea of the flow of your website and the architecture the website will take. Site maps are based on the features and functionalities defined by the user’s needs and the client’s business objectives.

A high-level site map draws an overall picture of the site structure, while detailed site maps have representations for every page and/or page template on the site. The purpose of the site map is to allow current and future internal teams and external stakeholders, to quickly understand the site.

Website Wireframes

Once we have understood your brand, its users and their goals and created the site maps and customer flow patterns, we start to create wireframes. These wireframes allow us to focus on the practical part of the website without getting caught up on the visual details of the website.

At this point we also start to use real world content of your brand, and if you do not have the content available our team works with you towards developing the most appealing content to your specific audience. This content will be used in the wireframes process to give better structure to your website. Based on features and functionalities defined by the user’s needs and client’s business objectives we develop a page by page map of the site. This allows us to arrange and re-arrange the site without moving any “cement.” Imagine having to move a floor of a building once it has been built. It would be a challenge.

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Development and Launching of Your Website

Your website needs to be developed in the best way possible. Since we are developing a customized product for your brand, we prefer to work with WordPress or Webflow to complete the development of your website. Both platforms allow us to fully code your website and customize it to look and feel like the mockups we have previously created. This process normally takes a few weeks to complete and will also have 3 revisions before completion.

We get everything ready on your behalf to launch your website and give you the support you need for the first week to make sure everything is running and looking as it should be. Our team also trains your team on the basics of running your website, but if you are part of our Business Growth Services, you can relax and enjoy the way your website performs without worrying about the back-end of your website.

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Look and Feel of Your Website

Our website design team works towards providing you with three design directions, from which you can choose one that we will work with. Once we have find the best design direction, we begin to bring those wireframes to live with your brand’s components and your users in mind. This is the part where the design team works towards giving colors, typography and other elements that will appealing to your users, but inline with your brand’s purpose.

From here, we will do 3 revisions that will set us ready for the development stage of your website.

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