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Get your website ready for Christmas in 5 simple steps

Every year, business owners get themselves ready for the massive sales that take place from November to December. Hence, it is key to make sure your website is ready for this year holiday’s sales.

Even if you do not have an e-commerce website set for your business yet, it is key for your customers to be able to find you and interact with your brand before they step into the doors of your physical location.

As a result, We are sharing with you the following 5 steps that will make sure your website is ready to start this year’s sales the right way and entice your customers before they even visit your physical location.

Optimize your website’s experience for the holidays

People are excited and getting into the Christmas spirit, so why not share this spirit through your website as well?

People are already familiar with the Christmas colors and styles, so feel free to adapt your website to fit this style, without ignoring what your brand looks like of course.

If you have animated characters, have them wearing a Santa’s hat for example.

Most importantly, you want your customers to find out the information about Sales you may be having and the operating hours of your business during the holiday season. This can easily be done by adding a top bar to your website with the information. Also, make sure your contact information is quickly accessible and if you can, add a Google map for your clients to know exactly where you are located.

Take a look at our previous blog, where we outlined the top 25 elements every website MUST have


  • Make your website part of the Holiday style, but don’t forget your brand’s identity
  • Use Banners and sliders to showcase sales
  • Use top bars on your website to identify news, opening hours, sales
  • Make sure your location and contact information is clear
  • Add a Google Map with your location(s) if possible


Make sure your website is mobile friendly

For this specific time of the year, it is even more important to make sure your website is mobile friendly. From hotels to grocery stores, people will be mainly looking at your website or social media pages on their mobile phones. Remember, people are on the move and they will always carry their mobile phones with them.

Make sure your website looks appealing online and it is easy to interact with. There are some elements that look nice on a website’s desktop view but really are not very helpful on a mobile view. From fonts to images, everything needs to be readable and accessible.


  • Make sure your font and images are fully optimized for mobile
  • Remove any elements that do not fit properly on mobile
  • Optimize your website’s speed for mobile
  • Have your contact information accessible on mobile and tablet

Update your photos

This one is important for websites with E-commerce features and those without. People have multiple tabs on their browsers open right now looking at gifts, decorating ideas or even booking a vacation. Hence, your images need to grab the user’s attention.

If you have products, make sure your images are showcasing every angle as possible. Ensure all the colors are as close as possible to the real colors. You need to make sure the images are high quality and whenever possible have someone interacting with the product that you are selling in one of the images. This may seem like a lot, but people buy due to emotions, and of all the elements we can use on the web, pictures and videos sell the most.

High-quality images may develop a simple problem, website loading speed. The next point is about SEO and if you know/read anything about search engine optimization, you know website loading speed is a key factor. Even though we can compress these images, it is key to follow these guidelines to make the most out of your images.

16:9 – the standard monitor ratio, widescreen and great for headers.
4:3 – the older monitor ratio, almost square and great for most images.
3:4 – taller than wide, great for portraits.

The dimensions of your images should follow these ratios. The online Aspect Ratio Calculator is an excellent tool to help you determine the sizes in pixels based on these ratios.

Most Web Developers recommend specific image sizes for each module.
For general use, here are their recommended image sizes for 16 x 9 ratio:

1 column: 1080 x 608
¾ column: 795 x 447
⅔ column: 700 x 394
½ column: 510 x 287
⅓ column: 320 x 181
¼ column: 225 x 128

And these are the image sizes for 4 x 3 ratio:

1 column: 1080 x 810
¾ column: 795 x 597
⅔ column: 700 x 526
½ column: 510 x 384
⅓ column: 320 x 241
¼ column: 225 x 170

What this will allow you to do is to have high-quality images, that load extremely fast on any device. Keep in mind that once you have saved your images to fit these sizes, you still need to compress these images for ultimate website optimization. Once your images on the website, make sure to give them a clear title and Alt tag with a clear description of what the image is.


  • Use high-quality images only
  • Showcase all the angles of the product
  • Add a human touch to at least one photo of the product
  • Use image-size guideline for faster optimization


Optimize your website for Search Engine Rankings

There is no better time to develop a Content / SEO strategy for your website than right now. The greatest thing about the content that your team will develop right now is that it will always be ‘Ever Green Content’, meaning it will never die and can be reusable. So in 2019, all you have to do is change dates, prices and add more content to the same pieces of content you wrote this year.

Start by doing your keyword research and finding out which keywords your clients are searching for. Make sure these keywords are on your titles along with your location or town.

For example, someone in Atlanta will be looking to buy Christmas gifts in Atlanta. Hence a title like ‘Get the best prices for gadgets this year in Atlanta’ will work better for rankings than ‘Great low prices for gadgets available’. Unless you are a huge brand like Walmart and all your locations have the same goods, it is key to geotag your titles.


  • Optimize your website for speed as much as possible
  • Create Ever Green content that can be reusable next year
  • Do a keyword research to find out what people are liking
  • Put your location in your titles


Optimize your Frequently Asked Questions to fit the season and add a Chat option to your website

People are searching for quick answers, the quicker they get the answers they are looking for the quicker they are to buy from you. Hence, you need to make sure the FAQ of your website is fully capable of answering any questions they may have.

Also, if you have products showcasing on your website, make sure they each have a unique FAQ where the user can find out any important thing about this specific product.

To even enhance this experience more during the season, you can easily add a chat option to your website with a direct contact with you or your team, where you can answer any question they have right away. What makes this great, is that you can walk the user through the same steps you would if they were at your physical store. As a result, you are able to point them in the right direction and even upscale a few items.

To take even further advantage of this chat option, you can use the content you have been written to further educate your customers or give them ideas of products to buy from your store.


  • Use FAQ that is oriented to the holiday season
  • Add a chat option to your website
  • Guide your users through your buying process with the chat option



Create Instagram stories for your top products: There are over 1 Billion on Instagram right now, and the best part about it is that you can geo-tag your Instagram account to reach even more people closer to your business.

Create at least 12 stories that you can use showcasing your products. Also, make sure to create stories highlights of your products and give your followers updates on what is taking place. Furthermore, you can enhance this strategy even more by doing some sort of give away or prizes that someone can win through a contest.

With these 5 unique website sales strategy for this upcoming season, your website and business will be ready for a great start. The best part about these strategies is that you can literally use them for each season, holiday or date that you may be targeting. Furthermore, these same strategies can also help you to shorten the work next year, as all of them are ‘Ever Green’ strategies that can be optimized for the following year.

If you thought this was useful, let me know by commenting below. Also, if you have any questions or want to consult further on this, click the button below and set up a one-on-one meeting right away!

Changing the way you have built your website and customer’s experience is not always as easy as it sounds.  If you require help in better understanding your website, goals and the way client’s interact with your website, you can hire me as a freelance consultant to have a one-on-one session (s) to really understand your customers and how we can create a better experience for them.

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