We value your time and our time, as well as transparent relationships. This is how we operate.

Why do I need a discovery phase and a strategy session for my project?

We want you to think of us a medical doctors of branding and website design, we need to find out the problems you are really having before we prescribe a solution for your business. By having 7+ years of experience, we know there is more than just a website or a logo design. This phase will help us find the solution. Our strategy sessions will help to create a plan towards solving the problems we found in the discovery phase.

Can I get a budget or estimate without a discovery phase?
We will prefer not to as it might cost you more than it should. A discovery phase will help us make sure we charge you the right amount, while ensuring our company is also profitable.
How much is a discovery phase and strategy session going to cost me?
It all depends on the size of your business, # of employees, business field and the time it will take us to work towards creating your strategy. Based on previous projects our strategies sessions can go from $1,000USD to $10,000USD+.
What is a website or branding going to cost me?
Once we are finished with a discovery phase, we will create a proposal for you. In this proposal we will define Deliverables, timelines for design, productions and payments, as well as, what it means to be ‘Done’ with the project.

Our brand and Identity projects generally start at around $3,000USD and a basic website will start at around $5,000USD, if you are looking for e-commerce solutions, it will start at around $10,000USD. All these prices will range upwards depending on the scope of the project and your business needs.

As you may imagine from reading each of our services pages, we do more than just edit a template, we create customized solutions that require complex skills in order to solve complex problems.

Are there any extra cost to any project?
Yes, you have to consider your hosting and other content such as photography that may need to be done. This may range depending on your project as well.
Do you host websites?

Yes we do, but you will have to sign up for one of our website care plans for our team to host your website

I know my brand needs work, but I am not sure what I should invest in.

We want to take you in the right direction, this is where our discovery and strategy sessions come to play. We will guide you towards the right investment even if it is not us who will be taking you to the next step.

Have you worked with companies in my industry?

With over 10 years of experience, we can say we have worked in almost every industry we can think of. But, we do have more experience in Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Care, Education and Startups. We are always up for a new challenge.

Do you work with other agencies?

Yes, in the past we have collaborated with other regional and international agencies to help them meet their clients needs. All this work is done using a White Label service, where everything seems as if your company did all the work. If you are interested in this service, please email us and we will get in touch

Who would you not work with?

We don’t work with any business that does not value the creative process. If you want your logo or website to be completed within a few days for a very low budget, we are not the right choice for you. We are driven by the desire to help you solve business problems that really will make a difference to your business. We strongly recommend clients to use our blogs to further educate themselves in the creative process and what to expect.

What is the cheapest price I can get this done for and can I get a discount?

There is a risk in getting branding and website design work done, we are here to help you minimize that risk and work towards getting it done right in one try. Hence, the price we give you on the proposal is the best price available for you. We do not provide any discounts at this moment, but we provide you with payment options that can help you lower the one time payment cost. Every project starts with a 50% deposit, followed by 25% and the last 25% at completion.

I already have a website a website, but I need you to fix a few things for me. Can you help?

Yes, but this depends on how your current website is built. Often, it is more effective to start from scratch, especially if your website was built a few years back. Our development team does not advise patching up a website as it might become burden to maintain. We will run your website through a  audit before we confirm with you. The cost of this audit is $250USD.

Who is responsible for photography and videography?

Depending on where you are located, we can put you in contact with our top media partners. If you do not want the hassle of it, we can also sub hire them and add this fee to the proposal. If you already have a video/photographer, we will be happy to collaborate with them on any project.

Who will write the content?

If you do not have it or have someone to write it, we will help you write compelling content that will attract readers and possible new customers to your business. Writing content is an additional cost. 

How will I manage this content on my website?
All of our websites are built using a Content Management System. We work either WordPress or Webflow as the main Content Management Systems. These platforms allow this process to be done withe ease and give you / us the opportunity to rapidly grow your business.
I am not in Grenada or the Caribbean, can we still work together?
Yes, we manage a large number of international clients. With the help of technology and the tools we use, we are able to work as if we were next to each other all the time.
How can I pay online?
We accept payments online through PayPal. If this is your method of choice, let us know and we will create an invoice over on PayPal for you.
When can we start and how long will the project take?

The time it takes depends on the scope of the project, we work with a 90 business day framework to have your website ready. We considered ourselves hired after you have signed the proposal and paid the first 50%. From there, our team will begin the strategy of the project which will vary depending on your business, scope and goals. We will work on a timeline that we will use to constantly review where we are.