This 6-month strategy helped our client boost traffic to their real estate website.

Increase awareness and traffic in a very competitive world of Real Estate. One of the main priorities for this project was to get the right target market, mainly from the UK, USA, Canada, and other major Caribbean Islands.

We were able to increase traffic to the website by 203% within 6 month period of the project, which tripled the overall traffic to the website while helping the agency reduce the cost of Google Adwords.

The Beginning

We started with a dialog, to really understand what our customer’s problem was. As a result, we were able to realize that there was much more than just SEO to do on this project. The goal was to increase awareness, traffic and eventually leads to the business.

From here, we created a proposal with our thoughts from the meeting with a budget that will take the shape of all the tasks that needed work. Once we got approval, our team began with a website audit and a discovery phase.

The goal of the discovery phase was to really get to understand what Caldwell Bankers Real Estate really is, who are the customers they want to target, where are they from, their stories, their needs, and most importantly Coldwell banker’s goals.

To achieve our goal here, we worked with a tool kit where we identified our customer’s goals into three categories (Awareness, revenue, and efficiency) created 3 user profiles, created an audit report of the website and began to shape the strategy we had conceived.

Defining The End-User

This part was one of the most important ones, the reason for this is that each user profile we created were from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. What this meant, is that a keyword that someone from the USA will search for to find Real Estate opportunities in the Caribbean will be very different from the keyword that will be used by the users in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Hence, we had to dive deep into these user profiles. We started with the background of each person, their age, family, lifestyle and moved into creating a powerful user story that let us further understand what their intentions were. From here we worked towards creating goals for each user and their needs.

This gave us the ability to further enhance our keyword research. One of the most interesting results were words like ‘realtor’ which had a full meaning in the USA and over 100k searches, but barely any searches in the UK 0 – 100 searches per month.

Defining Goals

The term SEO is too broad and can signify different meanings for each individual depending on the technicality for the work. Hence, we introduced a rule to this project – Let’s forget the term SEO and let’s call it ‘ Be found by our ideal customer’.

As a result, we were able to move from goals such as on-page optimization and off-page optimization to more ideal goals like ‘What do we need to do to increase awareness, revenue and become more efficient at what we do?’. By doing this we were then able to break complex problems into real solutions and tasks.

We understood that the website was a problem, as it was built a few years ago and was not compatible with a few of Google’s standard. We also noticed that their social media campaigns were a bit off and not getting enough reach. As a result, we created a tasks list for awareness which was our main priority.

The Website Audit

Once our creative director began working on the strategy, our technical team began doing a website audit. We found a few issues with the mobile version, which is key for the ranking of Google. We also ran a content audit where we found that titles needed enhancements, the content needed better structure, images needed alt tags and other major on page tasks had to be fixed.

When we did the back-link audit we noticed that there were only 27 links coming to this website.

This was a major for us, as we needed to demonstrate that this URL is can be trusted, there is no better way to do this than through backlinks.

The website audit took 6 days and was then presented to the client as a very visual and easy to understand brief.

The Keyword Research & Implementation

We began the keyword research after the audit was completed, this allowed us to have an idea of how some of the core keywords like ‘Grenada Real Estate’, ‘Real Estate Grenada’ were currently working with the website. On average we noticed that the local ranks were in between position 20 – 45.

Our keyword research showed that those were also the most popular keywords found in the three main end-users demographics. Hence, we began thinking about long-tail keywords.

We created a list of 25 keywords, from which we chose 5 core keywords as our client was ranking on the 3rd page or below for each of these keywords. To increase the visibility and performance of these keywords, we began to implement them on the headers as < h1 > tags and < h2 > and also created a combination of core keywords with phrases to come up with the top 3 long-tail keywords that we were going to use.

From here we began working on content issues and on implementing the list of keywords we found without doing a keyword overflow. We also worked towards adding the location of the company and properties throughout the page to increase local traffic going into the website.

As a result, we worked with our client to populate all the pages of the website with the keywords we found and to make the content easy to read by the end user.

Building a trustworthy domain

We needed to create a trustworthy domain for this Real Estate SEO project. At the beginning of the project, we only had 27 backlinks to work with.

We decided to do research on which would be the most powerful links to backlinks from. As a result, we created a list of potential websites that we could work with, starting with the main Coldwell Bankers websites in the USA and the Caribbean.

Our team created a brief and contacted each of them. We also worked towards adding value to their websites by sharing comments and content on their blogs that increase their value, while sending backlinks and potential traffic to the main URL we were working with.

The Results

Within six months we were able to from 110 impressions on the website per month to an average of 8,869 impressions per month and on the best month, we were able to generate 11,125 impressions. This gave us the ability to learn more about the users and their behavior on our client’s website.

Regarding the rankings of the URL on Google, we began this project with a rank of 69 on average on a long list of potential keywords and by doing the keyword research and enhancing the content we were able to bring the client to an average position of 12 while ranking on the top 5 for the core keywords we chose.

The backlinks were key as we only had 27 to start with, we really had to work towards creating a passive backlink campaign or else it would be seen as black hat SEO which can bring issues in the future. Within these six months created 1,026 backlinks and were able to bring the authority of the website from 0.3 to 4.21.

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Written by: Leopoldo Pirela

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