Creating an online experience to enhance the way highschool students are able to sign up for tutoring lessons.

First kick-off meeting

Outlining goals and understanding the problem to solve

In an hour online meeting we both worked towards understanding all the elements that she needed to work with, as well as, who her target customers are.

For this specific project, we had to work with two different groups, one was the parents who may sign up their children for tutoring and the other group was the children who will request information for tutoring.

Being able to identify who the two target groups were, gave me the ability to get a clear understanding of what sort of solution we would have to develop.


Where can you find teenagers?

Mobile & Social Media Platforms

It is one thing to create a platform that suits the user, but it is also important to create one that they can easily access, and most importantly a way to find the target user.

Being that the target group is primarily mobile, it was clear that the sign-up form for registration needed to be clear and easy to navigate. Furthermore, for my client to be able to contact users and share the information, it will also most likely take place over a phone using platforms like Whatsapp or Instagram.


Being able to identify the user through creating user persona gives you the ability to understand them from a personal point of view. But to really understand where you can find them and ensure your product engages with them as best as possible, you need to create a sense of empathy with the persona’s you have described. This will give you the answers to why you will find them mainly on Instagram and Snapchat, but not really on platforms like Facebook.

As a result, one is able to concentrate the energy and resources into what is really needed.

Solution – Simplifying the experience

Quick, easy and straightforward

The main goal  of this project was to get students to choose the classes they want to take, provide the information needed for the tutor to accept registration and give them an easy way to sign up through their mobile devices and computers which are the tools they will most likely be using.

Hence we came up with the following solutions:

1. Create a multi-step form that will allow us to break down the information needed into groups or steps. Making it easier for the user to fill in and for the design to flow.

2. Creation of Marketing flyer that can easily be shared using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

3. Creation of Instagram stories and highlights to be boosted and shared over Instagram.

Part 1 – Designing the form

Multi-step form to create a feeling of progression

The main form has over 27 input fields, so it needed to be broken down into similar groups. In order to give the user the feeling of progression, I gave each group a step number, which will change as the user progresses through the form.






As a result, I was able to place just about 5 input fields per section, making it easier to read and fill in as the user will not have to see all the input fields right away. Furthermore, to enhance the speed at which the website’s form can be finished, I worked towards creating ‘Drop Selections’ and ‘Radio buttons’ on fields that did not need the user to type characters.

 Part 2 – Reaching the target audience

Instagram and Mobile is where they are.

I began this part by creating elements and shapes that resemble the brand. All these elements were to be used in a consistent manner through the flyer and Instagram Stories.

In order to understand what elements were really needed in the flyer to drive the message, I created a wireframe for the flyer. By removing colors, fonts and other creative elements, we were able to concentrate on the content and message to deliver.

Web Development –  Divi + WordPress

Developing a system that is easy to use and update

I have been developing websites using WordPress for over the last 6 years. Even though there are other platforms available for projects like this, WordPress really gives you all the tools that you will need without spending extra hours coding the back-end of any website.

For this project, I incorporated Divi Framework by Elegant themes to give me the ability to speed up the process of the development and make it more user-friendly to me and the client when implementing the design that was created using Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. 

In order to create the form, there were many options, but it was important for the client to extract the content from the submissions in a seamless manner. Hence, I chose to work with Ninja Forms. They provide quite a variety of extensions that will bring this form to life.

For the website, I worked towards creating two main pages. One, where the sign-up form is located, as the landing page. Two, where the payment information can easily be found.


Many times, website design and development projects’ scopes become too large with features that may not be needed. It is important to keep the design and flow of the user experience as simple as possible. As a result, it is important to work towards achieving the specific goal(s) you intended at first. Once this is done, you can revisit the work and see which areas can be enhanced or improved in the design.

For more information on this read my thoughts on finding the right features for your website.

The Results

Whenever design thinking meets a goal, positive results are developed.

Although I’ve been doing private tutoring for over fifteen years I had never approached my after school program as a business. When I decided to make things official I was at a complete loss as to how I should go about re-launching my newly registered business. Leo at Pirela Consultancy was able to determine the best products for me and not only design them but guide me in every step I needed to take to attract new clientele. From my new online registration forms to the brilliantly composed Instagram stories, he has breathed new life into my business. For the first time ever I start a new school year having not only met but even surpassed all my registration targets! I credit this to the fantastic work Leo has done with designing my brand and will be ever grateful for his continued guidance. I highly recommend Pirela Consultancy for your web design and small business needs.”    Ren McMillan