A simple guide to increasing your business awareness using Social Media Marketing by 1000%

Pirela Consultancy and its Founder Leopoldo Pirela, reveal unique strategies and methods to boost online presence through social media for your business in 2019

Here is what this 28 pages ebook on Social Media Marketing for 2019 will teach you:

✓ Find out where your business stands

✓ Find out who your right target audience is

✓ How to treat each social media platform different to generate positives ROI’s

✓ Build your social media strategy with a marketing funnel in mind

✓ Figure out how much to invest per ad

✓ Simple ways to craft the perfect ad

✓ How to use images in different social media platforms

✓ A step-by-step way to put it all together

FREE Social Media Calendar

We did not just want to give you a 28 pages ebook on social media marketing and leave you and your team hanging and spending extra time to create a calendar. We have created it for you and ensured that it is ready for you and your team to start using it right away.

Enjoy this content and if you need to clarify your strategy let us know, our team will be happy to help.

Leopoldo Pirela

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