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473 Grenada Boutique Resort

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Luxurious. Classic. Playful. Beautiful. Natural

473 is new and unique. In the upcoming years we expect it to be a leading resort in the Caribbean. It has a one-of-a-kind landscape that the founder began to develop many years ago. Today, the resort is fully opened and is starting to welcome guests visiting the island.

The vision and goals of the founder and team were one of the elements that caught my attention; it is part of the core of the resort and of its personality. It is a beautiful place that gives you a different look and feeling to what visiting the island of Grenada and the Caribbean is.

02. Phase 1: Branding & Identity

An interesting name must have an interesting brand.

The name of the resort tells you where it is located. The moment you arrive at the resort, you will notice its unique touch, colors and gardens. When you speak with its founder and team, you will hear the passion and vision behind everything that was built.

Here, my job was to work towards translating all of this into attributes that will help me create a visual representation of the brand. I ran a few workshops with the clients to understand the core of the brand, their goals and most importantly the persons they are looking to target.

The goal of this phase of the project was to really understand their vision and to align myself with the thoughts and ideas of the team at the resort.

The workshops consisted of a session for Brand Attributes and X-Factors, trying to understand what makes them different and their key value proposition.

Then I ran another session on Users, where we created a demographic based on three main customer types with their stories, objectives, and goals. In this session, we also aligned user goals, which became features of the website and the resort’s goals in terms of awareness, ability to work better and profitablity.

brand attributes
logo design
logo design
photography for a website design for a resort

02. Phase 1: Branding & Identity

Everything in the resort is unique and has powerful meaning

While doing the strategies sessions, we noticed many unique elements throughout the resort. The decor had a uniqueness to it, with touches that no one else on the island has. Hence, we began to translate and bring together these visuals into the brand I was creating.

From postcards to old records and vintage dominoes, these elements give it a personality and are all great for design.

collection for website design graphic
background for website
website's background

03. Phase 2: Website design, user experience, web development

Creating a unique and easy user experience for the hospitality industry is key.

User Personas created during a workshop. Click image to view.

During the first strategy session, we worked towards achieving the end users, creating stories on these personas and outlining their objectives and goals which are used as features on the website. From here, we worked with the team at the resort, to outline a roadmap that each of these individuals will take once making a decision to stay at the resort.

These roadmaps became wireframes, that we used to ensure the navigation throughout the website was as smooth and fast as possible. The reason behind this lies in the fact that many travelers have many resorts and hotels websites opened at the same time. Hence, we wanted their goals to be accomplished as soon as possible.

Once the customer’s journey and wireframes were completed, we began to work on the design. We brought in elements from the images above and gave the titles a different and authentic look.

From here, using designs tools such as Sketch Pro and Adobe User Experience, I began to give the wireframes a look and feel. This allowed me to have sessions where the client was also able to be part of the design and give their input.

Once the designs were finished, I used the same tools to create actual live website mockups for both the desktop version and mobile version. As a result, I was able to test the usability of the website on all platforms.

website mobile design
website design wireframe
website design

04. Phase 3: Marketing material

Almost time to launch it to the public and Key Marketing Material needs to be distributed.

As the website was being developed, I worked with the client to start creating all the Print Marketing Material they will need to start the outreach. We came together to understand which piece of material will create the best impact. From here, we came up with two main brochures. First, a gate folded brochure where the images can create a powerful impact and this will be used to target potential buyers. Second, we chose a tri-fold brochure to target potential guests. As a bonus, we also worked towards designing rack cards that can be placed at many physical locations throughout the island.

resort's brochure design
resort's brochure design
resort's brochure design
photography for the resort



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