Miramar Ballroom

Branding / Identity / Print Collateral / Website / Digital Marketing/ Content Marketing / SEO


Identity Design
Digital Marketing Consultant
Website Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization
Lead generation

Web and Search combined to help the brand communicate better with their ideal customers.

Over the last few years Google and Bing searches have become a leading place for banquet halls to generate leads and increase their chances of creating revenue. But with so many changes in digital marketing, being found on Google or Bing requires much more than just a simple description of the business.

In this project we worked to design and develop the website that this company is currently using, as well as, a strategy to ensure the chances of a customer finding them on Google are a lot higher.

02. Phase 1: Branding & Identity

An interesting name must have an interesting brand.

Before we began to design the website, I worked with the client to understand the strength and weakness of their brand and their identity system.

As new devices come to life, it is key to ensure there is a consistent look of the identity of the business, where all visuals need to connect and look the same throughout all mediums.We started by ensuring the name of the business was clear on the logo. If someone is to view this logo from far, it needs to be easy to recognize and read.

From here, we began to understand the customers. We worked towards creating the user’s demographics and outline the goals and needs they have in order to understand what features the website will need and what sort of logo design will appeal more to the specific market.

As a result, we helped the company to revamp their logo and give it a new look that will be more appealing and easy to add to all mediums.




Translating the brand design into digital form

This business has been running for many years. As I began the website design project, they already had a website which was built a few years ago. Hence, I worked towards understanding what was good and bad about the current website before the design of the website began. 

From here, I worked towards creating a moodboard and stylescape to show 3 different versions of what the look of the site may be. A calm / light version, a dark version and one that was in between the two other options. Once the client had chosen an option, I began to work on the wireframes and the user experience of the website. This was presented to the client as an interactive wireframe using Invision. 

From here,I to began to shape the wireframes into design

03. Phase 3: Generating leads and driving traffic to the website

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Instagram Growth

While the website was being built, we ensured that most of the website was fully capable of helping them rank on Google. Hence, working a search strategy was much easier and faster to accomplish results.

At the start, the website ranked at an average position of 43.3 and was getting 450 – 650 average impressions.

We began to optimize the website to ensure that everything on it was capable of performing the website’s objectives. Then, we moved into optimizing titles that were aimed at the three target audience, as well as, ensuring the content had the keywords needed but was easy to read.
From here, I worked towards creating a backlinks outreach where I was able to generate over 1,500+ niche oriented backlinks into the website.