Case Study

Bringing to life a brand that loves adventures – Adventures to Remember


Make a brand messaging, identity that matches the voices of excitement, safety and adventures, but also takes into place everything else that the island of Grenada has to offer to tourist and the local market.

Project’s Outcome

A logo, a catchy tag line that fully supports the idea of what the company is trying to sell to their customers. An identity design that show cases adventures, excitements and the passion the owners have for the business.


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The Beginning

Everything started from a deep conversation between the Founder of Sunhunters. As a result, we were able to create a conversation based on goals and the solutions that our company is able to provide.
We created a list of questions to be asked to the founder of the company in order to learn more about the reason for opening a business of this type and to understand better their story and what the vision of the business is.
As a result, we were able to create a brief of everything that had to be done to help our client accomplish its goals.

Defining The Brand:

Being able to identify the brand allowed us to create a better structure of where to take the design decisions. When completed this, it is a lot easier for both parties to see where the identity that is being built really aligns itself with what the business is trying to say, look and feel. 

We worked towards creating brand attributes to fully understand what adjectives described the brand. The main attributes we worked towards understanding where: The culture of the company, the customers, the voice the business will have, the benefits it brings to its customers and the value it provides.

As a result, we were able to come up with tag lines that were both powerful and engaging. The idea was to get the end user to think about the adventures they are about to embark and imagine the whole of Grenada at their fingertips.

The Idea Behind the Concept:

The completion of the brand attributes allowed us to create a design direction and atone for where we were heading to. Our team quickly went to work on the main components of the logo and on an identity system that reflected “Adventures & Grenada”.
From here our team created three logo concepts all which contained the main elements that you find in Grenada. That is the water at the beach, the beautiful sunsets, and adventures mountains.
As a result, we were able to create a main concept like the image above. From here we moved on into adding colors and style to the logo.