Why resorts and villas need to start using E-mail Marketing

Many people when they hear about email campaigns, will say ‘We don’t want to be pushy’ or ‘Will they get annoyed by us?’ or ‘We do not have enough content to share with a guest or new guests’.

But if there is anything that I will recommend to a small to medium size resort is to add email and email marketing to their toolkit.Resorts need to grow their email list and here is why:As a resort, you need to create more areas where your brand comes into contact with your guests OTAs and other resort marketing websites are using digital marketing and they are performing quite well. Since they own ⅓ of the hospitality digital ecosystem, most of your guests will interact with them instead of interacting with your brand.As a result, you are left with almost no interaction at all with your potential guests, until they arrive at your property.

By adopting email marketing to your toolkit, you will have the ability to interact, persuade and promote your resort with guests way before they even book their flights.

Use these emails to create touch points with your customers. Make it meaningful and they will not feel annoyed, but helped by you.You want to help your guests in the searching state of the buyer’s journeyFuture guests tend to do a lot of research before they even dive into booking a room. This is what is called the ‘Research’ state of your guests’ journey as your customers.They will be doing a lot of research, and most likely will compare your resort with at least 3 other properties that may provide a similar accommodation to yours. By implementing email into the research phase of your customers, you will and should help them with the research itself.Your resort can do the following via email:Share places nearbyLet them know about events taking placeShare locations and other local partners that can be reached from your propertyGive them incentives that will get them interested and closer to bookingSend them the latest updates of the resortEmail marketing can lower your resorts marketing costIn your resort’s marketing strategy meetings, I am sure you have discussed SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) and many other terms that are key for the growth of your resort.What makes email marketing so important, is that compared to any other digital marketing strategy out there, it is the cheapest and most profitable one.Let’s think about it this way, you collect 100 emails on your list every month and you have a list of people who have already stayed with you. On Facebook you can create a retargeting campaign and the same thing with PPC, once you get your keywords right with PPC you should be good to go. But now you have to wait for people to interact with your ads and anytime they click on it, you will get charge an amount depending on your keywords and suggestions.With email marketing, you can send your two separate lists two different emails. For those who have already stayed, you can send them a simple discount if they book directly, photos of what is new, with a tag line that makes them daydream of being at your resort. On the other hand, for those who are yet to visit your resort, they have subscribed because they want to stay at your resort, but they just need some convincing, so you can follow the steps above.Guest what?This is direct interaction with your guests and potential guests without any extra cost.Final thoughtsThese are just three (3) great benefits of email marketing for small to medium sized resorts. The reality is that there many more benefits that you will find out once you start to implement this strategy.To help you get started to make sure you have created a valuable click bait for your clients to sign up. Give them enough value so they can give you their most valuable contact information. If you have full control of your website, you can place this click bait or CTA on the right top part of your website, or as slide-left (or right) pop-up.So write down 3 main ideas that you think your guests will be looking to exchange for their contact information. Make it creative and interactive and then create a few follow-ups to make sure you are able to constantly create touch points with your guests.This will not only help to drive direct bookings to your resort but to expand your brand and give it a human touch.Do you use email marketing for your resort? What are some points that you are maybe struggling when it comes to email marketing? Let us know by commenting below.

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Written by: Leopoldo Pirela

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